.223 Remington, 56gr FMJ BT, Red Army Standard (AM2424) Review


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Test Gun: PSA 7.5″ 1:7 Upper, PSA 10.5″ 1:17 Upper, Stag Model 1L, 16″ barrel,
Franken AR-15, 20″ barrel, TC Compass, 22″ barrel
Chronograph: Pro Chronopal Chronograph
Test Taken: 10 Feet
Round Used: .223 Remington, 56gr FMJ BT, Red Army Standard (#2424)

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Camera(s): Canon Rebel T6S, Canon HF R500, iPhone 7
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Elements 14
Audio: Zoom H5
Music: Provided by YouTube Creation Tools.

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16 thoughts on “.223 Remington, 56gr FMJ BT, Red Army Standard (AM2424) Review

  1. So has anyone who has shot this ammo notice if its corrosive or not? I haven't noticed it but I've had a couple folks tell me it was, yet it says non corrosive on the box so….

  2. Dude been watching your vids forever. I gotta say you have really put together a nice resource over time, I like to scroll through your tests before purchases now. Make sure im getting what I want! Thanks man, I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it.

  3. Hi Bud, Thanks for the tests. Wanted to also wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas. I will hit your other link there in a few minutes. Best wishes for continued success in the New Year.

  4. Been waiting for this one! My favorite plinking ammo. It's basically the old Golden Tiger 223, made by Vympel in Siberia! Laquered and sealed at both ends, and some of the cheapest steel case around. Beats the polycased stuff hands down.

  5. Cartridges are made in various countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Poland .

    Your welcome .

  6. You got that accent DOWN! Lol Was looking forward to this review…. Seems like a decent one to stock up on if the price is right?

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