23 Notion Tips, Hacks & Tricks

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Today’s video uncovers 23 useful Notion tips, hacks and tricks, from beginner tips to advanced tricks, this is the perfect video for all Notion users to upgrade small processes inside their Notion account. Notion lovers and newbies will take joy in learning a few small hacks to improving your day to day running.

Notion is steadily growing as the most popular way to take notes, create lists and manage knowledge. Rivalling Evernote in some ways, the rise of Notion has been impressive over the last 12 months. We’re putting together plenty of videos, resources and insights into how to use Notion every single day for work or personal use.

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29 thoughts on “23 Notion Tips, Hacks & Tricks

  1. 0:00 introduction
    0:30 01 / creating an inbox
    0:48 02 / upload a cover
    1:03 03 / leave comments
    1:25 04 / create a v2 homepage
    1:59 05 / use full bleed bookmarks
    2:15 06 / add your own icons
    2:41 07 / embed google maps
    3:05 08 / background text for headers
    3:30 09 / change font per page
    3:52 10 / duplicate pages/block
    4:06 11 / page with dynamic
    4:28 12 / use dark mode
    4:47 13 / multiple workspaces
    5:05 14 / page locks
    5:24 15 / import microsoft word
    5:39 16 / store movies, books, ideas
    5:53 17 / transfer table data to dates
    6:16 18 / store favourite tweets
    6:42 19 / what’s new?!
    6:54 20 / import covers from unsplash
    7:14 21 / create your first mention
    7:33 22 / template buttons
    7:48 23 / connect up figma

    i hope you find this useful and please let me know if i’ve made any mistakes, thank you!

  2. Great tips and I loved the pace. Most of the videos I've found talk about how others are using Notion, which isn't often relevant to me or they are way too slow. I would love to see more about how to do specific things (edit a template, what does new view mean, make the web clipper show images and text). I think Notion has great potential but my time and attention span is limited. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips.

  3. At 2:57, it looks like there's a timeline of some sort in the top right hand corner – where does that come from?

  4. This looks so exciting! I've been looking for sth like this for years, where was I living? In a Tupperware?

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