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Cheetos may have just gotten a whole lot better!


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  1. Why are people still complaining about this shit it happened nearly 3 years ago
    People change goddamit

  2. When the man is hated to the point where he’s doxxed for reading knowyourmeme articles but shit like McCreepyPasta is the same, reading wiki pages.

  3. Oh yeah and don't forget when he had to say "I'm sorry that I am a soy-filled bitch and flagged your videos", and just pussy's out each and every time

  4. This was only two years ago!?!?? It feels like it’s been millenniums since he uploaded this.

  5. If the astroid that killed the dinosaurs came back everyone would make memes about even if they all die in 3 days

  6. How disappointing it is to live in this Generation of Snowflakes. No one can take a joke or criticism anymore? If you are being bullied, either stop what you are doing (like dropping your pants completely at a urinal to piss, something you'd get bullied for) or shake it off (if someone just mocks you over things like your looks or voice). I read people are trying to defend his fake suicide as "being pushed too far" and "it is his payback". No, he just looks like a bigger ass for doing it. He didn't have to do that. He could've changed his style or simply ignored it. There is no excuse, pure and simple. Everyone has been bullied. Some to their breaking point, I have. Hell, I take meds to deal with it. But I never sought retribution. I'd talk to a friend, unwind with some music, destress playing some GoW. The Internet is full of countless, heartless people that would gladly ruin your life. I remember once this piece of human garbage was harassing a memorial site online simply because he could behind a screen. Pyro KNOWS his humor is childish unless he gets serious about something, he is actually more intelligent than you think but I know people criticising him for his "age" never seen his dissection videos on varies topics like the Ricegum reaction to iDubbbz vid. If his 14 yr old humor is too much for you, God help you when faced with someone that actually hates you. The saying "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" exists for a reason.

  7. To be honest, the concern people have for their memes is so pathetic that it just earns to be normified. There really is not much to gain from being anti-normie, cause at least normies tend to have more substantical worries in their life.

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