Ducati Scrambler Classic bike review


The Ducati Scrambler is an entry-level, retro celebration of motorcycling simplicity that’s been designed for a more youthful, urban-centric audience. Jon Quirk reports.

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29 thoughts on “Ducati Scrambler Classic bike review

  1. Great. Now, I’m even more confused on which bike to get. A Triumph Scrambler, Ducati Monster, or this Classic Scrambler.

  2. Your production quality is a joy to watch – beautifully filmed and edited to match the presenter's style.

  3. I don't get the love for how this bike looks. There is too much plastic on show and for an air cooled motor it's strangely disguised by an odd casing design. It could have looked so much better.

  4. Great review, most seem to be Helmet Cam only but this shows the bike at all angles, which if your a prospective buyer is what you want to see

  5. ить твою мары навали ему гашетку чтоб шуба завернула, надо зырнуть

  6. yes it a cool looking bike , its designed in way which in my opinion its how a motorcycle should look like, not the transformer look alike of nowadays. it's simple yes, but the thing I hate about ducati is that somehow they force you to go to the dealer. for example, for a simple oil change, when time come there's a warning on the dash that tells you it time for an oil change or a valve check. the thing is that you cannot reset it unless you go to the dealer and if they see that you made the service your self there's a chance to void your warranty. now this is not a problem for most people which usually don't like to service there bikes by themselves but for me its a kinda deal breaker, the fact that I have to go to the dealer an let them steal my money.

  7. What should I buy for my 1st bike the Ducati scrambler, the Triumph street twin or the new Moto Guzzi V9? Love ur feedback!

  8. I get one of this. I think this one is more fashion than engine performance. still give me nice experience tho

  9. Hi Jon, I would like to know which of these Ducati Scrambler & Triumph Street Twin is a better bike.

  10. Hopefully, there will be a version R that gives us an old, school, analog display with a small led indicator that shows our gear and fuel gauge.

  11. how could they not put a fuel gauge or gear indicator in a new bike? This is a bit of a deal breaker.

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