Excel GETPIVOTDATA Function to Pull Data from a PivotTable

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In this video we explain the GETPIVOTDATA function of Excel. Why is it useful, how to use it and how to turn it off when you do not need it.

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The GETPIVOTDATA function in Excel is used to query and extract data from a PivotTable. It can be incredibly useful, but is not always the approach that you want.

In this video we see an example of how useful it can be, but then another where it did not help so we disable its functionality.

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7 thoughts on “Excel GETPIVOTDATA Function to Pull Data from a PivotTable

  1. Hi Alan, When press the = and select a in the Pivot Table it does not automatically generate the the "GETPIVOTDATA" function.
    How can i change it so that it does?

  2. Hi Alan.. thanks for this great video on GETPIVOTDATA. The way you explain it makes total sense. Also, I like the tip of disabling it for certain circumstances or just directly typing in a cell reference if needed on the fly. Thanks for the insights. Thumbs up!

  3. Great tutorial!

    Question: In your example, would there a way to manipulate the GetPivotData function so that it always looks for the data from the most recent year?

    I want to apply this function to a sheet where I’m listing sales discount percentages. I want to display the discount % entry that has the most recent “last modified” date in my data table. Every product/customer has its own unique “last modified” date. Would I have to do some sort of max value lookup in the source data table for the product/customer combination to get the most recent date and then use that value as the item argument in the getpivotdata function?

  4. Big thanks – spent 2 hours trying to get some data out in the right format (with 'help' of other online tuition) and failing. Then spent 5 mins watching your video, and bingo! got it done in about 2 minutes!

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