God Slayer Garou All Forms | One Punch Man Season 3

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In One Punch Man Season 3, Garou will continue to transform into a monster through various stages – Half Monster Garou, Awakened Garou, Monster Garou, etc.

PokéMixr92 –
Two Steps from Hell – High C’s
Danny Cocke – Forging A New Lighjt
Jo Blankenburg – Vendetta

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28 thoughts on “God Slayer Garou All Forms | One Punch Man Season 3

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  2. Your used to be an astronaut, doctor , fireman, policeman, teacher, and etc. And now your an hero (baldy cape).. You have it all dude, im your biggest fan

  3. Let's be real here garou is starting to be more favorable not because he's overpowered but cuz he's striving to be the level of strong as saitama or even better

  4. So your saying garou has surpassed any humans strength in risilance how ever you spell it but I know 1 caped baldi who could three hands with garou

  5. Wait, is the season 3 out ? Its been a while since i wanted to rewatch the serious and im have real struggle about it and id even know how many seasons are out now :/

  6. Bro how the hell are they going to animate all of that. If they don’t get the animators from kakashi vs obito, gogeta vs broly and goku vs jiren it’s ova

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