NEVER Partner with TGN/BBTV, and Here's Why

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A short video describing why TGN is absolute trash, and why you should NEVER partner with them. They will lie to you, leech money from you, and give you NOTHING in return. And when you want to leave? Screw you, you can never leave.

UPDATE: As of September 3rd, 2015 I am officially free from this company! Woo hoo!

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26 thoughts on “NEVER Partner with TGN/BBTV, and Here's Why

  1. I was also appart of TGN… They took 40% I think… 3 year contract.. They renewed it!!! AND DID NOT LET ME LEAVE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Damn good upload matey they have been hounding me for a while now and if I’m making a few thousand a week they can get stuffed👌🏻😁
    Cheers matey I’ll mark them now as spam 👊🏻.

  3. this was already exposed in late 2012 by a big group of youtubers that i was leading. we literally took turns to grill george vanous in google hangout, one after the other, for several hours. that was just before we all got permission to leave without delay, and right before george vanous left the network with an NDA.

    you were 3 years late with this, holy shit.

  4. It's 2019 an I got email. One look at there crappy website is enough to set alarm bells ringing. If a company sings its praises and you never heard of it then gotta ask why.

  5. Thanks for looking out. A goon from BBTV reached out to me via IG wanting to partner. Very scammy. I appreciate your insight on the matter.

  6. i just got an email from BBTV to sign up. I just replied with the link of this video. Thank you for this video.

  7. Literally just got a message from them.
    I have plenty of subs but most of it is due to one music video I meshed together years ago.
    I swear I've told them no in the past.

  8. I think this video is a little unrealistic. Personally I bartered BBTV down a little when signing my contract 10 months ago. It sounds like you didn't really ask enough questions of them or fully understand the contract or get a lawyer to read over it.

    I created formulae in excel to test how much money I made per view with or without them. I have over 60,000 subscribers btw.
    After 10 months of being with them, I have actually earned the same amount per view as I did before. So I asked them to up my percentage and they refused! They agreed to cancel my contract once the year is up, no questions asked. The contract does say it has to be one year. In fact, they initially said 2 years. So for your channel of 5000 subscribers they would have surely stated this in your contract? Seems odd otherwise, sorry to hear about your bother!

    Anyway, either way, BBTV don't really do anything for you. They essentially just put better adverts on your channel that make more money, but then they take a cut from your profits anyway! For me, it didn't make me anything more… Plus the following happened…

    Suspiciously, the moment I joined BBTV, my exponential growth in views and subscribers STOPPED. I don't know if YouTube prioritises other channels that are partnered with them or if it was just a coincidence and my growth genuinely slowed down. But it seemed very fishy. My channel had been growing by 5-10% EVERY month for about 2 years. I joined BBTV and it went to 1% monthly growth all year.

  9. Yikes. Thank you for telling me this. I saw the link to BBTV on Socialblade and I wasn't too sure about it.

  10. Confused. Didn't you threaten to use a lawyer? Didn't that make any difference? Sounds like you remained locked in with them.

  11. I also have a story with TGN/BBTV in case you are interested, i've been on youtube since it came out but all i knew about it is that i can watch videos, one day in 2012 i decided to go one step further and start uploading videos other than just browsing YT videos, i started off with gameplays, i was uploading them for fun and i didn't even know i could make money off Youtube, i was doing Youtube for fun until one day a nobody out of nowhere messaged me on my comment section, he was like "WOW awesome video and skill you have there how you do this and that" he was exaggerating for little things to make me have a positive look on him. I had no idea what he was talking about nor did i know what "Youtube networks" are, after one hour of conversation he made me believe that it was going to be a changing day of my channel, i trusted him blindfolded because i felt like i had nothing to lose so i ended up partnering with them, for 4.5 years… I canceled the partnership before i posted this comment. My question is, after i get completely rid of them, should i stick with Google adsense and enjoy my higher payments? I was getting $30-50 monthly for 4.5 years and i was like "yay" i got this. I wasn't happy with my payments, i felt like i deserved more. I'm now realizing where my missing money went, cause they are in fact, missing money. Let me know what to do from now on man. Wish i knew about this network stuff back then.

  12. Broadband TV / TGN is the last garbage network, they just do not want your money any more. I've been a partner in TGN / Broadband TV's network for 5 years. During that time I never got any help or support in any form whatsoever. On the contrary After 5 years, they threw me out of the network, even though I met all the new guidelines and are still a YouTube partner. Anyone can recommend the fingers of TGN / Broadband TV !!!

  13. Them company are out to destroy your channel. BBTV trick email is how I got here. Thanks for the video.

  14. TGN contacted me earlier today and im glad I googled them and found this video. IT would make sense for me to partner with anyone anyways when i dont make much money to begin with. lol

  15. I partnered with TGN / BBTV criminals for 5 years, now they have terminated my partnership, even though I comply with all of YouTube's 2018 guidelines. I have not even received any help in the 5 years There was less and less revenue because they lowered the CPM to get more money than the 30%. I would recommend anyone to go around the network. Those are criminals

  16. Thank you for this video. I was approached by them, I am going to be pass on that as well…

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