OPEN WORLD SAMURAI GAME! – Ghosts of Tsushima Early Gameplay


Ghosts of Tsushima is an open world samurai game coming to PS4 in July.. can’t wait to play it on the channel!
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Thank you for watching! 😎

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33 thoughts on “OPEN WORLD SAMURAI GAME! – Ghosts of Tsushima Early Gameplay

  1. Yo, when that games get release i hope there is a hard mode for strait samurai – no armor upgrade.

  2. Wow what a gorgeous game. If the story plot is as good as Red Dead 2 it may just rival it as best game ever.

  3. Why did he say this game comes out next month but in the description he said it comes out in July, does he think it goes may…. then July??

  4. It’s kind of sad that they had to give away last of us for this. Whether it was a good deal is yet to be shown

  5. Not saying it will win but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was in the talks for game of the year😂lol idk maybe I’m so hyped before even playing it but the soundtrack, the setting , the graphics , the story all just looks so good

  6. i loved the way it looks but they really need to fix the bow and arrow stuff, since when does someone jump into the air like that when hit with an arrow to head it can be a masterpiece if little things like that are fixed

  7. I'm sure the animals leading you to points of interest will quickly become repetitive in a sense that you'll soon start to look at it in the same way that you look at waypoints on a mini map hub, rather than be immersed with the interaction, like they intended.

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