She says she's pregnant with her teacher's baby | Korean Drama | Innocent Thing

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hide your kids, hide your wife
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About Innocent Thing:
A high school student begins a relationship with her physical education teacher, but attraction soon turns into dangerous obsession. From the director of VOLCANO HIGH comes a seductive thriller about innocence gone bad.

Jang Hyuk 장혁
Jo Bo-ah 조보아

Directed by:
Kim Tae-kyun

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Innocent Thing | AsianCrush


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43 thoughts on “She says she's pregnant with her teacher's baby | Korean Drama | Innocent Thing

  1. how is this girl with the teacher's pregnant wife and… The scenes are intense, but I don't know what's going on???

  2. It's crappy that they have two women going at each other's throats over some pedophile. Why is the wife fighting for him, divorce his ass and send him to jail or at least kick his ass out of the house.


    වසයි එලිසබෙත් නැහැ, ඉසිලීම, ඔහුගේ ඇස් වලින්අධීක්ෂ

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  5. There's no one to blame in this movie.. Both of them actually made a mistake (the teacher & student) the girl already have a motive to seduce the teacher & yes she was successful in doing that, they did make out that one rainy evening. Because of that the teacher gave the girl the wrong impression about love which turned out obsession. She taught everything that happened was love. That obsession made the student create an imaginary affair between her & the teacher.. She would imagine having sex with him & had an imaginary pregnancy.. As the doctor confirmed she is still virgin..
    So sad, she ended up her life believing it was love.. So sorry for the teacher its so hard for him to get over it, the fact that he was the reason..

  6. I'm trying to find a kdrama I watched years ago, but I don't remember its name. I vaguely remember the details but it was so good. It's about this group of friends, and there's a group of like four boys and they have one girl in the group that's like one of the boys and they drink and shit. There's also this scene where a boyfriend gets jealous over his girlfriend because of a guy friend or something, and he misinterprets things and in a park at night he breaks up with her or something, he makes her cry. Shiit, I'm barely making any sense, but if anyone knows of a kdrama that vaguely follows that direction or those scenes, please let me know!

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  8. Phycho girl: Leans out window laughing like a psycho…
    Teacher: Oops….her hand slipped out of my "accidentally"

    Problem solved.

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