Street Roasted Coffee! – The best COFFEE EXPERIENCE in Saigon

Giải Trí

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NAME: Cafe Ba Lù,
ADDRESS: 193 Phùng Hưng Street, ward 14, district 5
PER CUP: 10,000 dong/ $0.50
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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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48 thoughts on “Street Roasted Coffee! – The best COFFEE EXPERIENCE in Saigon

  1. Man. I totally agree. I never knew about Vietnam's involvement in coffee so when I visited Nha Trang in 2019, I just happened ask for a coffee at a hotel and MY WORD……their coffee was amazing!!!

  2. That little red cherry they picked out of the raw beans is actually what coffee beans look like when on the tree, they look like cherries. For most coffee aficionados that coffee would be over roasted with an uneven roast and you usually wait at least 24 hours before grinding to let the beans degas but I'm sure it's great for his purposes. I've seen Puerto Ricans use that same cloth strainer to make coffee in New York City. This coffee looked a lot stronger than what I've had in Vietnamese restaurants here in the states. If you haven't tried it please do, it's delicious and taste more like a dessert.

  3. Absolutely love your videos! I find the food, culture, Sonny's humor and narration, host guides, and video editing are simply amazing! Thank you for showing foods from all over the world!

  4. As I know fresh roasted coffee needs to rest some days before it can be ground, it still expel some gases after being roasted. Well maybe for robusta we don’t care

  5. I want to try this too. Next time I'll have freshly brewed coffee, I'll take it with Condensed milk.

  6. Deep in the "Catacombs" of this cafe.

    Catacombs (Noun)

    an underground cemetery consisting of a subterranean gallery with recesses for tombs, as constructed by the ancient Romans.

  7. Caption : english (auto generated)

    Sub : did not say condense but

  8. Why you not try to come indonesia we got aloth of culture traditional food&somany experience to servive

  9. "the caffeine addiction began before birth" haha. Sugar and caffeine are gateway drugs. coffee is awesome. sugar is deadly

  10. Looks amazing, but normally coffee needs some time for degassing to extract more of its potential flavor. But I guess if you are going to mix alot of condensed milk thatll mask the nasty taste of the coffee itself. I normally just drink it black so I would rather enjoy the coffee for its originality.

  11. I hope James Hoffmann will never see this video. Everything is here how to produce the worst tasting fresh coffee.

  12. This show is quite interesting. But honestly, the coffee bean were completely over roasted, and already burned. That’s why it’s tasted very very bitter. 😂

  13. Please visit Ethiopia, they have the Best coffee in the world, Arabica coffee was first invented in Ethiopian highlands by a shepherd who's goats were grazing in the fields and happened to eat the coffee plants that were growing wildly in the fields. Very interesting History on how coffee was invented.

  14. Here is the location of the shop guys.!
    The name is [ Café Ba Lù ]
    On google map

  15. After this vid I need another cup. Ah well I always need dat cup o caf in the morning or I dont feel myself at all but now I want some even now haha. That and some music that gets the pipes going like Enter Sandman by Metallica, Wasted by Delta Parole or Everlong by Foo Fighters! Then my day can start.

  16. Honestly speaking you can be a good standup comedian. Really enjoy watching your show. Keep it up.

  17. Maybe you forgot to tell that coffee in Western countries are Made of arabica beans and that robusta beans contains up to 2,5 times more caffeine

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