The NeoGeo AES Project – All 117 Games – Home Console Version – Every Game (US/JP)


Check out all 117 NeoGeo AES games. (Home Console Version).


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NeoGeo, is a video game developed by SNK. On the market from 1990 to 2004, the brand originated with the release of an arcade system, the Neo Geo MVS and its home console counterpart, the Neo Geo AES. Both the arcade system and console were powerful for the time and the AES allows for perfect compatibility of games released for the MVS. However, the high price point for both the AES console and its games prevented it from directly competing with its contemporaries, the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), Super NES (Super Famicom), and Turbo-Grafx 16 (PC Engine).However the MVS arcade became very successful in stores in Japan and North America.

Years later, SNK would release the Neo Geo CD, a more cost effective console with games released on compact discs. The console was met with limited success, due in part to its slow CD-ROM drive. In an attempt to compete with increasingly popular 3D games, SNK released the Hyper Neo Geo 64 arcade system in 1997 as the successor to its aging MVS. The system did not fare well and only a few games were released for it. A planned home console based on the hardware was never released. SNK later extended the brand by releasing two handheld consoles, the Neo Geo Pocket, and later Neo Geo Pocket Color, which briefly competed with Nintendo’s Game Boy. Soon after their release, SNK encountered various legal and financial issues – however the original Neo Geo MVS and AES continued getting new games under new ownership until officially being discontinued in 2004, ending the brand.





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24 thoughts on “The NeoGeo AES Project – All 117 Games – Home Console Version – Every Game (US/JP)

  1. Wow. So many beat'em-ups. Not one game that raises my interest. Sega, Nintendo or the SuperGrafX offered a much better library imo.

  2. Excellent video and a fantastic view of this amazing console. I really appreciate the fact that the box cover and details are visible at all times. Makes this video so much more useful, interesting and much better quality than almost all the other game collection game play videos out there. Thanks for the hard work

  3. Im so happt you can get it all on an everdrive and still play it on the original console (just the console and arcade stick in itself is so cool looking)

  4. amazing presentation thank you for it! I have it saved so I can write down the names of the games I still need

  5. i was always sad that i never got to play a NEOGEO because how at the time there was nothing like it but that high price tag made it impossible to obtain.

  6. how did you get white blood in Samurai Shodown 5 SPECIAL?  i thought the blood was always red, regardless of the region setting…

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