Trying the BEST Pizza and Burger in Saigon! Also we try out the Lunch Lady | Vietnam Vlog #8

Giải Trí

Hey guys!

Another food video for all you food lovers out there! We eat the top rated PIZZA (Pizza 4P’s) & BURGER (Marcel Gourmet Burgers) in Ho Chi Minh City. We also try out the famous lunch lady which has been made famous by Anthony Bourdain. Watch and see what we think of the food hehe.

So grab some food and join us so you don’t get hungry watching hehe!

Thanks for watching guys! We love you as always!

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41 thoughts on “Trying the BEST Pizza and Burger in Saigon! Also we try out the Lunch Lady | Vietnam Vlog #8

  1. your face looks so much better with your hair down….you have a round face and the hair hides that….very nice….oh and by the way, your craps are coming from the water your drinks have ice in them

  2. Hiii! Omg I think your guys videos is very entertaining and informative! I’m literally binge watching your channel! Keep up the good work! I know you guys get bombarded with this comment but I must ask, what’s the title of the intro song?

  3. Hi Thuy and Lubin, I am viet and live in the US. I’ve been following your videos recently. Really enjoyed watching your Vietnam Vlog. Keep up a good work. Hope your channel continues growing !!! Lots of love. Big fan 😁

  4. Now normally I'd say that when in Vietnam, try the local kitchen instead of something like a burger BUT this burger looked really tasty!

    Getting hungry again.

  5. This was a mistake watching it at 1am in the morning. I'm craving Hu Tieu so bad!!! And funny you mentioned Hungry Jack's onion rings, Brendan loves them 🤣🤣

  6. I’ve been to 4p! I personally loved it but who wouldn’t if you were there for three months hahaha

  7. New subscriber here! currently 1:47am and binge watching all your vlogs! My new fav couple on youtube 😀

  8. Awesome vlog again guys, love watching you two and the amazing adventures, always look forward to seeing more

  9. I loved this vlog!!! It looked so fun (and tasty!!) I can’t wait to see where you guys go next!

  10. Hey guys, nice video. You two make some good videos together. Alls I can say is dem burgers and naughty naughty fries looked sooooo gooood!! Do they have a Yummy Burger too? Hahaha

  11. Trinidad carnival is the place for u guys to have a blast. Practise wining and come to the Caribbean. Cool video😎

  12. Are you guys planning to travel again after Vietnam? Can't wait to watch more! Keep it up guys
    From a no1 supporter 😍😁

  13. I appreciate how you and Lubin are keeping it real and authentic in food reviews and travel. Also, respectful of local culture. You do not let the ego lead as with other YouTubers including present company.

  14. Awesome Vlogs, you two! Really enjoyed the adventures you had in Vietnam.
    The refilming of the bathroom scene made me laugh coz Thuy's reaction is exactly how my mom is like so I laughed a lot haha.
    The burgers looked really nice and also the pizza definitely looked appetizing especially the beef one.
    And the clubbing clips made it look like you all had an amazing time 🙂👍

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