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The Right Opinion: What Happened To Behind The Meme? The Victim Of The Hate? | TRO


Today we’re dealing with the tragic tale of Behind The Meme and issues surrounding semantics regarding that, and boy, do we have a lot to discuss, however, today I want to also talk about philosophy too, because I think it encompasses an interesting element of content creation, and we’ll get to that in a bit, but first, Behind The Meme, who is he, to all those who may not be aware of his infamy.

So essentially, Behind The Meme is a meme channel set up by creator Kyle Bryce, don’t worry his name is public, which he brands as having the intention of educating those who are unfamiliar with memes, providing the audience with a relatively light explanation of the origin of the meme and applications of it. To take a quick example, Harambe, Harambe is a gorilla who eventually became a meme after the meme connoisseurs picked it, and in this instance Behind The Meme explains how Harambe has came to be, you know, whole enclosure incident, satirisation of people’s reaction, and so on.

These videos rapidly picked up steam, with views coming in from the first upload. This wasn’t Kyle’s first channel, so he knew how to make his video semi-competent, although you can tell his microphone isn’t the best, he quickly upgraded and realised the business opportunity. It was all going right, video after video was a hit with the audience, and he was flying high with an audience who had his back.

Yet fast forward less than two and half years later, and it’s almost like we’ve stepped into a different dimension. The happy, colourful Behind The Meme is gone, and in his place is a shell, a shell that is the draw of multiple controversies over the span of a year. What happened? Well after a spell where his videos were performing abysmally with views and ratings alike, he took a break, now we’ll delve into the details of why this flatlined in a bit, stay patient my friends. However, with every break, came the return. And Behind The Meme came back to a fanfare of broken brass. However, the video he posted “What happened to Behind The Meme” seemed to represent a perspective of hope, one in which he had been dragged down by so much, but now he was in a better place, ready not to fumble this situation. He had almost 800,000 subscribers, most of us will never receive that opportunity. He was a new man, ready to take on the world.

But then he posted a five part series, which were abstract in their presentation and disturbing in their subtext, with vague, foreshadowing language. A far cry from his initially rather innocent, child-friendly content of his meme synopsis videos. This understandably had people concerned.

Now we’re going to address that in due course, but I wanted to provide a quick rundown of what’s going on.

Today I have a lot of questions, that many people have, why did this happen, why did the innocent meme reviewer end up in what must be some sort of delusional state of mind, what were the causes of this, were these causes justified? How could such a cheerful person, so intent on spreading knowledge turn into one of the most twisted characters online.

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38 thoughts on “What Happened To Behind The Meme? A Victim Of The Hate | TRO

    New video, hope you guys enjoy, think it’s one of my favourites, but might soon find out that it’s awful, Idk, only thing I wanted to say was that when I’m talking about subjectivity, I think I make it clear that I’m talking about what we derive, but in case anyone doesn’t hear that, let me emphasise that I’m not doubting existence. And no the thumbnail isn't a typo you see we go "behind the memes" as a general concept too, see how intelligent I am.


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  2. wow, it's especially unfair cause LIMC has gotten very popular. Don't get me wrong, his content is very enjoyable, but damn, I haven't seen a single hate comment on his videos

  3. This comments section doesn't realize that the reason people hate BTH isn't because he is/panders to normies and locals. People hate him because he is a saccharine, commercial hack.

  4. Pyro and Lemon should probably acknowledge that they held responsibility posting there video’s about Behind the Meme especially Lemon. Even though I am a hardcore member of memes we shouldn’t gate keep them from others who are interested like Behind the Memes audience

  5. And I never thought there were actually people who took memes THAT seriously that they would do such a thing to someone who just wanted to explain where each meme came from. If you don't like the content don't watch it, and if you get offended by someone literally just giving out harmless information for people who might be curious on how some memes came to be, you need to toughen up, seriously ..
    I know some people are gon be mad but let's be honest memes are mostly, if not all just edited versions of original content, they are meant to be used for fun and to be shared, and that's it. No need to become lil babies now over some dude just tryna educate an audience

  6. This shitbag simply wanted attention by fake killing himself. He succeeded in bringing in the idiots and also destroyed his channel. If he wanted to get out of this path, he could of just stopped, but he didn’t and he pulled this stupid stunt.

    I don’t care who he was attacked by and how upset he was, he did what he did and it’s fucking abhorrent. I feel bad that he got bullied but I lose that sympathy when he pulled his stunt.

  7. Gawd I was worried you’d be trying to make me happy today. Thank you for adding to my misery I much prefer it here 🙂

  8. I was never really interested in BTM or even liked him in general
    But fucking damn
    People went that far just because the lad just explained memes
    Like ye I understand that memes going into the mainstream will end up being overused and die out but damn

  9. I think this is what I felt like when 9gag became popular. Facebook was starting to gain track when 9gag was also rising. Ofc to introduce 9gag to a wider audience, they choose facebook. In this essence it exposed normies to a lot of memes. I was in high school then, and to some extent I was kind of insulted. The reason being is that, they took something that was what you would akin to an inside joke, and just use it like its part of their everyday lives. Even in the olden meme culture, you don't use memes publicly, yet 9gag ingrained it in those people to do so as well as overly misuse those memes. Take the rage faces for example, it has become so misused and overused at the same time that its authenticity just diluted, and why actual imageboards like 4ch, forums, subreddits, etc, just plainly stopped using them. Because they didn't want to be associated with such a mainstream thing. And that's the thing, memes weren't supposed to be mainstream, like I said they were supposed to be an inside joke to a certain amount of ppl, because it's the opposite of mainstream, and by some extent that's what meme culture is. Of course I'm not gonna go overdramatic about it, I'm not gonna destroy a man's career about it, but I'll provide criticism. To me before, it was just sad cause something like an inside joke, isn't an inside joke anymore. I empathize with ppl who are a victim of hate tbh, because I knew to myself even I wouldn't want to be in a situation like that.
    The me today, a working adult even though wouldn't care less if normies use memes, would still be quite annoyed on how its misused. But really, I just let things go and have them be ignorant about it, because I'd rather just focus on my own life. If back then I'd have the time to rant on the internet in forums, and shit, these days I'm just happy enough to just play games, watch shows, talk to friends, and have a good grasp on my career. After you grow out of highschool in the age of when internet is really becoming mainstream, you began to realize the more important things.

  10. 2:43
    1yr ago: TRO: almost 50k “
    1yr ago: BTM: almost 800k
    “he has almost 800k subs, most of us will never recieve that opritunity“
    1yr LATER: TRO: at almost 800k

  11. Going through older TRO videos and well what do you know he is almost a 800K subscribers. The editor had it right.

  12. What happened to behind the meme?
    Emplemon happened to him.
    And Anthony fantano.
    Forgive my bad spelling. LOL

  13. I remember searching for the meaning behind some memes and his video really help me out. Man I hope he recovered now

  14. his channel is relatively innocent and I actually really enjoyed his videos a few years ago, it's a shame to see this is what became of him 🙁

  15. I remember when rage comics were blasted by /b/ because it went too mainstream. Le reddit face.
    This has been going on for a long time, it just culminated to a random victim.

    Arguing about memes is so dumb.
    I totally understand losing your culture to uneducated and uncultured morons who understand nothing about it, been there done that. But that's just how the world works in the long term.
    It sucks, but getting all spastic about it only makes you look worse.
    And I'm not only talking about "meme culture" (lmao)

    People just move on to something new when the old stuff gets ruined. Or just deeper underground.
    It sucks yeah, but that's life.

  16. I am weirded by the Meme Culture… Instead of meme peeps being happy for normies getting doctrinated into their culture, yet why make it as an exclusive club? They're bloody weird..

  17. I have autism which might explain why I don't understand the whole it's insulting into ppl, like I'm supposed to be insulted? This video is really long and just more confused. I mean granted language is ridiculously confusing. I rarely watched the guy, maybe I'm just living under a rock.i mean you have to agree idioms are fucking confusing and I was bullied in school and what not and I genuinely didn't understand

  18. "Meme cultural appropriation" should've just been the entire takeaway of the video. Stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life.

  19. So my takeaway from this is EmpLemon is a piece of shit and helped harass a man into near suicide. Sure, the guy couldn't handle criticism, but how is that any justification for going after him because he was talking about a subject he was interested in? Nobody own memes, they're viral jokes anyone can look at. To go after someone this way because he dared to talk about their origin is asinine and downright childish.

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