What Is Antialiasing? PC Graphics Settings Explained

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Supersampling, TXAA, MSAA, SMAA, MLAA, FXAA, oh my! It’s hard to understand what types of antialiasing do even though they all get rid of jagged edges, but we explain them all in brief for you.

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46 thoughts on “What Is Antialiasing? PC Graphics Settings Explained

  1. I just want to say I really appreciate this. My gaming computer was given to us by my brother in law and as amazing as it is, I know squat about it.

  2. If a game has MLAA as the only AA option and it's enabled while using an NVidia card, is it actually using FXAA?

  3. When I try to stream Titan Quest Anniversary Edition on Twitch, some people say that the text is blurry. I've tried to lower the texture, detail effects, etc..The only thing that seemed to work was when I removed the antialiasing. Could it be that the game is so old, nothing can be done to smooth out the text?

  4. Edge aliasing or geometry aliasing, which is the only type of aliasing mention in the video, is only one of serveral type of aliasing. There is also texture aliasing, transparency aliasing, shader aliasing, sub-pixel aliasing, temporal aliasing and spatial alasing. More or less all types of pixel noise you see is aliasing and the different types of AA works differently or not at all on some types of aliasing. For example does MSAA only work on geometry aliasing, but MSAA can be combined with shader based AA like FXAA.

    Higher rendering resolution does pretty much only reduce geometry aliasing, so 4K does not at all make AA redundant. Even geometry aliasing can still be really noticeable at 4K depending on the TV/monitor size, sitting distance and game.

  5. I don't wanna be that guy, but isn't there already a series of videos on Gamespot that explains anti aliasing amongst other things?

  6. Gamespot clearly struggling for original ideas at the mo. You'll find this topic has been addressed about 10,000 times already by other Youtubers over the years.

  7. What is antialiasing? Just the most important graphical setting after resolution…I can play a game with low-quality textures and little detail, but never without any kind of antialiasing, It really hurts my eyes to see jagged edges. Great video btw.

  8. Ooo member when Rockstar announced Red dead redemption 2 and there was no PC version?
    Oh yeah I member.

  9. Apart from the 30 fps on consoles, AA is another reason why I'll most likely never get a console. I've seen how games look on console, it looks like they add zero AA on console games.

  10. just giving you a heads up if you dont mention how shitty fxaa and taa are imma write you a pretty mean comment

  11. This guy is narrating the kinds of AA and its meaning then flashing random videos at the screen . Could have been better if you set a specific example video to each kinds of Anti Aliansing.

  12. I have a doubt . When there are multiple AA options should I choose any one and turn the others off ?

  13. Haven't heard about MLAA even though I have an AMD card. Must not play a lot of games that use it I guess.

  14. AA is trash, it has been around since 2007 game developers are using it to jack up the system requirements to sell pc hardware. There no way fxaa runs smooth on 2007 games but wont run on a 2017 game, same resolution.

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